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Company introduction

Shenzhen ancheng Tong Container Service Co., Ltd. has several senior engineers, technicians and strong technical forces who have been engaged in container technology for many years. They have designed and manufactured container special process processes for several container plants. The company has a complete set of special container equipment and equipment, with many technical workers from various large container plants for many years, laying a solid foundation for the high quality of the products. In addition to the production of standard containers, the company also produces non standard containers, such as control room boxes, office boxes, living rooms, fireproof special boxes, for field survey, engineering matching, scientific research. All kinds of special containers can be designed and manufactured according to the special requirements of various industrial and mining enterprises, troops and scientific research units. All kinds of special special containers produced by the company over the years have won wide acclaim from customers for their high quality and good after-sales service.

enterprise culture

Our vision

Based on digital printing innovation application field,

Driving innovation experience of leisure lifestyle!

we are a group of young people,

advocating new ways of thinking,

has mature understanding to the market,

turning ideas into customer needs,

have a common ideal innovation,

after social temper and professor,

in order to do the thing that oneself like,

we walk together,

practice their own ideas.

We advocate nahuy live

Make digital printing architecture and city,

The natural environment harmonious unification,

Let the life both comfort and environmental protection。

Digital printing
As a whole solution
design team
Commercial space
service innovation
Diversified resource
integration platform
Contact us

Company name: Shenzhen ancheng Tong Container Service Co., Ltd.
Address: shenzhen baoan district songgang town YanChuan sheng feng industrial park in E building; Nanshan district, shenzhen mawan avenue yongshun yard
400 tel: 400-018-0755
Machine: 0755-86252820
Contact: 17727980755 business consulting manager (nan)
Contact: 17727980754 business consulting (guo)
Contact: 13480124261 cooperation consulting (wang)
E-mail: 3126309869