About the artist:

Perry McNeal next to his photograph, Old South,

at the Renaissance Atlanta Midtown Hotel .

Perry McNeal is an Atlanta, Georgia based photographer. His work has been shown in various shows and galleries in the Southeast. Perry likes to photograph old European architecture, and often uses toners to enhance his black-and-white images. In the past he has printed most of his images in the wet darkroom but has changed over to digital capture and printing. Perry says he takes photos simply for their beauty, and without any special meaning or device.

"I have enjoyed taking photographs since I was a young man, and often found myself trying to take artistic images of my children. But it was not until I was in my 50s that I fully embraced photography as not just a hobby, but an ongoing artistic endeavor that enriches my life and shapes the way I view the world around me.

I have always been attracted to black and white photography; I love how it captures the beauty of light, tones and textures in a simple and elegant way. I am drawn to older architectural subjects: churches, historic buildings, castles, doorways, and windows whose great detail and classic design make them ideal for the high-contrast presentation which I enjoy. One of my favorite images, Tuscany Doorway, which I shot in 2001 in Italy, is an excellent example of this. Another good example is Louvre Staircase, which was taken in 2008 in Paris.

The sense of accomplishment and joy I feel when I have created a pleasing image is what compels me to continue my work and to continue looking for new ways to express myself."